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In the comments, discuss the questions below:

  1. Which Digital Citizenship elements are represented in this scenario? (Digital Access, Etiquette, Communication, Law, Security, Rights/Responsibilities, Literacy, Commerce, Wellness)  Explain.
  2. What information (if any) is left out that would be helpful to know?
  3. What issues/consequences might this cause?
  4. What could have been done to avoid this situation/issue?
  5. How would you address this situation?

10 thoughts on “Scenario 1: Shawn Spoofs the New Website”

  1. I’m wondering why a student had access to the site. Shouldn’t this information been screened by an adult and uploaded by a teacher?

  2. Digital elements include respect self and others, access, etiquette, security, law, rights and responsibility

  3. Shawn was very naughty. What he did is very irresponsible. He disseminated fraudulent information. Since he used information about a student without her parent’s permission, he is not following proper digital etiquette. He could have slandered some students. This could have legal implications. He should have his IT privileges taken away, because he is not using them responsibly.

    1. That’s interesting that you brought up his IT privileges. I agree with you that they should be taken away, but why were they given them to him in the first place. It is one thing to have them develop the site. However, I am surprised that the school is not checking before anything is published.

    2. In contrast, yes he is naughty, But Sean is very intelligent and simply needs guidance from adults in his life.

  4. That’s interesting that Sean was able to publish the spoof site. Can you tell me how the digital access was approved without authentication by a teacher administrator?

  5. This article has to do with the Digital Law. It is infringement on the school, and it entails personal information that was not given permission.

    1. From your comments, both the Sean, Mr. Jones, and Ms. Martinez are all negligible and could be held responsible if someone decides to pursue legal action.

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