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In the comments, discuss the questions below:

  1. Which Digital Citizenship elements are represented in this scenario? (Digital Access, Etiquette, Communication, Law, Security, Rights/Responsibilities, Literacy, Commerce, Wellness)  Explain.
  2. What information (if any) is left out that would be helpful to know?
  3. What issues/consequences might this cause?
  4. What could have been done to avoid this situation/issue?
  5. How would you address this situation?

8 thoughts on “Scenario 2: Michelle and Her Followers”

  1. 2. Clearly it would be helpful if the mom new how many people were actually following her daughter. Lesson #1- parents should be educated and familiar with technologies before allowing their child to use it.

    1. I agree. Her mom should try to talk to her about this especially if she feels her daughter is responsible enough to have access to these sites.

  2. This could cause issues because she has so many followers she may not know who is seeing the things she posts. A teacher, or her parent’s friends could see what she posts.

    1. I agree K, I think that children really need to be taught how NOT COOL it is to have so many followers.

  3. 1. I think security is represented in this scenario because Michelle’s security is being compromised with 400 followers.
    2. It would be helpful to know if she approves all of her followers.
    3. Michelle’s information getting to someone that does not need to know where/what Michelle is doing.
    4. Michelle shouldn’t have a twitter.

    1. I don’t think that she shouldn’t have a Twitter, I do think that she needs to be responsible with it though.

  4. Agree with Kaitlin. Parents need to be aware of such social media but they aren’t. They hand over phones, tablets, iPads, etc but are unaware of how to use them.

  5. Also not only parents or teachers looking at these things but child molesters, etc. The video she showed earlier really opened my eyes on how easy it is to get personal information.

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