Cover Letter

      Welcome to Andrea Heskell’s e-portfolio!

My name is Andrea Heskell. I was born and raised in Watkins Glen New York for my whole entire life. I am a sophomore at Watkins Glen High School. I currently am taking all of the necessary classes I need to take in my sophomore year of high school. Watkins Glen High School has given me many choices in classes I can take in what I want to do in the future. In the future I want to be high school art teacher. By this I currently taken studio art and now I am taking advanced art 1. Last year I took Model UN, a speaking and debating class to help my speaking abilities and to improve on my speaking abilities. Also this class helped me a lot and improved myself as a person through out my freshmen and sophomore years. I am without a doubt a determined , positive, and hard working person. By browsing my page, you will find more information about me, my plans are career goals for the future.

I am writing this letter of introduction to give you an idea of my career goals, and how I will achieve them. By creating and compiling this portfolio it can be very beneficial to me as a person. Some ways this can be beneficial to me is that it shows what I have done in my high school years, also this can be beneficial to me in the future. Some ways it will help in the future is that the skills that i have applied will continue to grow over the years I will be in school.

This year I am trying to find myself as a person and trying to figure out what I want to do with my life after high school. Some of the things that I want to do after high school is to first go to an two year collage then to a art collage in New York state and get my teaching, learning, and art degree to become and high school art teacher in New York state. By accomplishing this I will take many different art, teaching, speaking classes to achieves my goals for the future.

My best work sample was when I was starting to learn how to properly speak in front of people in my Model UN class in my freshman year. With my teacher’s help, I learned how to achieve my fear in speaking in front of people. By this I worked very hard. I continue to be very confident, and determined when I speak. I learned a lot by doing this some of the things I learned is how to not give up on something you feared for a long time and getting rid of that fear. Also I learned is how to be organized in my own words and setting up my essays to be spoken out loud.

I learned a lot about myself by working on this portfolio.  I know in the future this portfolio and learning new things about myself everyday will help me in getting the right job for me.


Andrea Heskell