Welcome to my portfolio


Cover Letter

Hello, my name is Jillian Cantieni and this is my portfolio. Throughout my life, I have experienced many things that have helped shape me into the person I am today. Watkins Glen especially, has provided me with multiple opportunities and learning experiences, despite it being a school. My experiences and accomplishments are shown through this portfolio.

This portfolio helped me to see I have accomplished more than I thought, and that I am proud to compile it all together to show others. It was a bit difficult to find a way to thoroughly explain everything’s importance to the portfolio,  but I eventually found a way to make sure each experience told its place in making me who I am today. I have yet again learned more through completing this portfolio, except this time I learned about myself. The portfolio has excited me for what is to come in the future

By using (and updating this portfolio), I will be able to successfully see all of my accomplishments and qualifications for the future. Each component of the portfolio will help me remember what exactly I am capable of, as well as what I can accomplish hard work and dedication. As I take on step closer to becoming an engineer by going to college next year, I plan to remain persistent and focussed while using all that I have to offer. I appreciate you taking the time to overlook my portfolio.