Letter of Introduction

Hello, my name is Jazsmine Hudson and i am a senior at WGHS. I moved here freshman year, previously living in North Carolina with two little brothers and my mom. I currently have lived in New York for almost 4 years and live with my father.  I plan on furthering my education and going to Corning Community College and transferring to Alfred to complete my RN (Registered Nurse) Degree and work in a hospital. Although I plan to keep my options open I am truly persuaded to go into the pediatrics field.  In this portfolio you will get to know me personally and formally. Included is a resume and cover letter as seen below. As well as, a letter of recommendation, my goals and recent volunteer work. 

Creating each piece in this portfolio taught me more about myself and how to properly write each piece. I struggled a lot with finding strengths and positive aspects of myself, due to we as people mostly point out the negative in ourselves. But to find my strengths i asked people in my family and my peers a few questions to give me those answers. As not only a student, but an individual as well, i found out that I am more respected, determined, hard-working and dedicated then i thought myself to be. 

This portfolio will benefit me with college and future job positions in that this is more formal and proper than what I would’ve done on my own. Showing this to my future employers and college will show them more about myself in a way i could not just tell them. I hope by reading this you will get to know me professional and get an insight on myself personally. As well as, showing my potential to you and many others. Your feedback is greatly appreciated, as we can only improve from here. 


Cover Letter