Drawing/ Sketch

I took an art class my freshman year and did many projects; including a half and half drawing of a lion. I turned the half i sketch into my own and made it look different with a shading technique. As well as some sketching i do as a hobby in my free time. I selected this because sketching has gotten me through many rough and stressful times.  Having sketching as an escape from stress and other situations is something i will use in the future to be creative and look at things from a stress free point of view.


My attitude in the classroom and with peers has given me the opportunity to help others as well as myself. I have improved over the years and have had the honor of keeping high honor roll all year so far. I chose this because i show teamwork inside and outside the classroom and it shows my want to help others. This want to help others is something i will continue to do in my line of work in the future as a nurse. 


February 26, 2018 Ashley Caslin and I volunteered to help Mrs. Popovich and Rebecca Carroll showcase our iLead class at Bath High school. Ashley and I took the lead in representing this class and introducing it to others that stopped at our table. iLead is a business class that helps prepare ourselves for not only the real world but for workplace and college. I chose this experience because this class has gotten me from being the student with panic attacks and anxiety to someone who can get up in front of people with confidence and have knowledge of what business casual really means. This class will definitely prepare me for the future as a nurse and my social life as well. Due to taking this class i have improved personally and i have better workplace and business casual strategy/ knowledge. 


 Being treasurer takes a lot of responsibility and trust from everyone else included in the club. I bring this up because trust and responsibility are two very important characteristics to have in ones skills as well as for others to know. Having these skills will allow for better options in a career as well as choices in your personal life.

Spark! Regional Leadership Conference

The conference taught me that to be successful you have to go into a career you are going to be happy in and something you want to do. As well as, relationships and good communication are a huge part of networking and your work life. Lastly, Arel Moodie taught me that likability is important, not in a way that you have to chase honor but in a way that you are happy with life and relationships. My biggest impact was Arel Moodie’s speech, I took it personally and its going to change my life personally and professionally.  The information i took away from this will be used to change my personal life and improve my work and professional life.

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