Creating a Rhythmic Composition with items at home

WGES Phase II Music Assignment #1: Make a song with items around your house using rhythmic patterns





Learning Objectives: 

  1. Students will learn that sounds can be created by hitting, scraping, or shaking found items and can be put into patterns to create music.
  2. Students will perform rhythmic composition using found items around the house.
  3. Students will arrange musical symbols into patterns to create composition. 
  4. Students will respond by explaining what their composition is about either in verbal or written responses. 


Lesson Directions:

  1. Have student find 2-3 items from around the house that when hit, scraped, or shaken to produce different sounds. Item examples can include pots, pans, bowls, toys, combs, etc.
  2. Have student create a rhythmic pattern of sounds and silences using the symbols/letters composition worksheet for their grade level. 
  3. Have student practice composition and then perform it on video
  4. Have student explain what their composition is about either on video or by writing their explanation down.
  5. Send performance video and picture of completed worksheet to teacher by Thursday April 30, 2020. 


Spring Rhythm Composition Worksheet(K-2)

Rhythmic Composition Worksheet Grades 3-4

HELP??? Mrs. Kelley I need Help!!–> Try this link to a quick help video: 

Extra Rhythmic Practice links:


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