Be My Echo Greeting Song

Welcome back to School my music friends!!

We will be starting with our classroom greeting song!

See the two links below.

  • The first link is our greeting song in a live music player. Just click on the sideways triangle to play the song and sing with it at home.
  • The second link is just the music to play on the virtual xylophone(Click here).

Be My Echo Greeting Song to play

Be My Echo Greeting Song to Read


Have fun making music this week! 🙂

Mrs. Kelley’s Virtual Music Library

Click the picture above to find some books to explore!

Music Assignment #2 Sing or Rap it!

This next assignment is a great way to show your love of singing or if you are a shy singer a great way to read aloud in a fun and engaging way. I can’t wait to see how creative you can be with this performance assignment! 

Assignment links for grades K-2:

Grades K-2  Music Assignment #2 Sing or Rap it

<iframe src=”{e4c2a2b8-0cb0-4759-b12d-ef8a45a71bcb}&amp;action=embedview&amp;wdAr=1.7777777777777777″ width=”350px” height=”221px” frameborder=”0″>This is an embedded <a target=”_blank” href=””>Microsoft Office</a> presentation, powered by <a target=”_blank” href=””>Office</a>.</iframe>

Grades 3-4 Music Assignment #2 Sing or Rap it



Happy Earth Day friends!

Earth has music for those that listen ~ William Shakespeare


How are you celebrating Earth Day? 

It is a snowy and cold day here in The Finger Lakes region of New York. How can you celebrate while staying inside and warm?

Why not with music? 

Here is PS22 Chorus with their song for Earth Day from 2012:

Why not with a great book?

Here is Mrs. Bubb reading Earth! My First 4.54 Billion Years by Stacy McAnulty:


Happy Earth Day my friends!

Dance like Nobody is Watching

Good Morning WGES! 

I was able to sneak into my classroom this morning and test out a video response application that we will be able to use in our Music Team/Backpack virtual learning space. So I made a fun video for you to laugh with! 

Turn your sound down first before playing it…I had the music REALLY LOUD! 

What do you think? 

Creating a Rhythmic Composition with items at home

WGES Phase II Music Assignment #1: Make a song with items around your house using rhythmic patterns





Learning Objectives: 

  1. Students will learn that sounds can be created by hitting, scraping, or shaking found items and can be put into patterns to create music.
  2. Students will perform rhythmic composition using found items around the house.
  3. Students will arrange musical symbols into patterns to create composition. 
  4. Students will respond by explaining what their composition is about either in verbal or written responses. 


Lesson Directions:

  1. Have student find 2-3 items from around the house that when hit, scraped, or shaken to produce different sounds. Item examples can include pots, pans, bowls, toys, combs, etc.
  2. Have student create a rhythmic pattern of sounds and silences using the symbols/letters composition worksheet for their grade level. 
  3. Have student practice composition and then perform it on video
  4. Have student explain what their composition is about either on video or by writing their explanation down.
  5. Send performance video and picture of completed worksheet to teacher by Thursday April 30, 2020. 


Spring Rhythm Composition Worksheet(K-2)

Rhythmic Composition Worksheet Grades 3-4

HELP??? Mrs. Kelley I need Help!!–> Try this link to a quick help video: 

Extra Rhythmic Practice links:


April is Jazz Month featuring Classics for Kids and Disney

Classics for Kids is awesome website for classical music learning for kids! It has many composers they feature with a short radio broadcast, worksheets, and a few games.


April is JAZZ Month and Classics for Kids has a great radio program about Mr. George Gershwin.

You can find it here:

If you would like to explore more about George Gershwin and Jazz Music check out the links below:

Rhapsody in Blue Disney version: 

Gershwin’s website:

Jazz for kids: 

Let’s get Rockin’ into the Weekend with some Drumming!

One of our favorite instruments in the music room is our bucket and marching drums to practice rhythmic patterns and to jam out to fun songs. If you don’t have buckets at home, you can use pots and pans, plastic containers (bowls, totes, empty waste baskets, etc), or cardboard boxes. You can use wooden spoons, wooden kabob skewers, or pencils as drum sticks. Or if you have a drumset in your house, you can use it–as long as Mom and Dad are okay with the jam session. 

Students remember how to make your drum sound quieter? You can play closer to the drum head with smaller arm  movements or you can use a cloth on the drum head to dampen the sound. 

So look for your supplies in your house and check out these videos from class this year to review our percussion techniques. Remember in the videos L stand for left hand and R stand for right hand when playing the rhythmic patterns. 

Most importantly, HAVE FUN and JAM into the weekend!

Can’t Stop the Feeling Drum Video (UPK-1st grade):

We Will Rock You Video (K-4th grade):

More Drumming Fun videos: 

5 Most Important Rhythms Video:

Too Loud Tips Video:

Uptown Funk Video:

(UPK-2nd grade)William Tell Overture Percussion Fun:




Gus & Me A Story of my Granddad and my First Guitar

Gus & Me A Story of My Granddad and My First Guitar is a read-aloud I created for our WG district read-aloud folder in our curriculum resources for home. It is the story of Keith Richards, guitarist for the famous rock band, The Rolling Stones. 

Read Aloud Link:

Here are some links for more information about Mr. Keith Richards:

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:




WGCSD Song Challenge 2020

Good Morning WGCSD Community!
I have attached a WGCSD Song Challenge for all members of our district community to participate in. 
We’re All in This Together Song Challenge 2020
With the uncertainty of our current times, why not create a sense of community through music? The song that was selected is upbeat and creates a sense of community for our district as a whole. I hope we can challenge you to be creative and use your ingenuity to create a short video using this song. 
I have attached a picture with ideas and tips as well as link to videos for the music and some tips and tricks to making your video creative and fun. Videos can be emailed to Mrs. Kelley at by WEDNESDAY APRIL 1, 2020.
Link for the song challenge lyrics video:
Link for the Tips and tricks video by Mrs. Kelley: