Third Grade Module 2 Vocabulary

New or Recently Introduced Terms and Symbols

About (with reference to rounding and estimation, an answer that is not precise)

Addend (the numbers that are added together in an addition equation, e.g., in 4 + 5, the numbers 4 and 5 are the addends)  Capacity (the amount of liquid that a particular container can hold)

Continuous (with reference to time as a continuous measurement)

Endpoint2 (used with rounding on the number line; the numbers that mark the beginning and end of a given interval)

Gram (g, unit of measure for weight)

Interval (time passed or a segment on the number line)

Halfway (with reference to a number line, the midpoint between two numbers, e.g., 5 is halfway between 0 and 10)

Kilogram (kg, unit of measure for mass)

Liquid volume (the space a liquid takes up)

Liter (L, unit of measure for liquid volume)

Milliliter (mL, unit of measure for liquid volume) 

Plot (locate and label a point on a number line) 

Point (a specific location on the number line)

Reasonable (with reference to how plausible an answer is, e.g., “Is your answer reasonable?”)

Round3 (estimate a number to the nearest 10 or 100 using place value)

Second (a unit of time)

Standard algorithm (for addition and subtraction)

(symbol used to show that an answer is approximate)