Third Grade Module 1 Vocabulary



New or Recently Introduced Terms

  • Array  (arrangement of objects in rows and columns)
    • Commutative property/commutative (g., rotate a rectangular array 90 degrees to demonstrate that factors in a multiplication sentence can switch places)
  • Equal groups (with reference to multiplication and division; one factor is the number of objects in a group and the other is a multiplier that indicates the number of groups)
    • Distribute (with reference to the distributive property, g., in 12 × 3 = (10 × 3) + (2 × 3) the 3 is the multiplier for each part of the decomposition)
  • Divide/division (partitioning a total into equal groups to show how many equal groups add up to a specific number, e.g., 15 ÷ 5 = 3
  • Factors (numbers that are multiplied to obtain a product)
  • Multiplication/multiply (an operation showing how many times a number is added to itself, g., 5 × 3 =15)
  • Number of groups (factor in a multiplication problem that refers to the total equal groups)
  • Parentheses (symbols ( ) used around an expression or numbers within an equation)
  • Product (the answer when one number is multiplied by another)
  • Quotient (the answer when one number is divided by another)
  • Rotate (turn, used with reference to turning arrays 90 degrees)
  • Row/column (in reference to rectangular arrays)
  • Size of groups (factor in a multiplication problem that refers to how many in a group)
  • Unit (one segment of a partitioned tape diagram)
    • Unknown (the missing factor or quantity in multiplication or division)