Welcome to my ePortfolio!

Hello, my name is Phoebe Majors and I’m a Junior at Watkins Glen High School. I desire to improve in everything I do. In the future I hope to go to a 2 year college and then move on to a 4 year college. Since I was little I have always loved Science, and taking a Forensic Science class this year has inspired me to study Forensics and hopefully pursue a career in  the Forensics field. I am also very interested in learning new languages, I have taken a Spanish class for 3 years and have started to take Mandarin Chinese class this year. I want to continue to learn languages in the future.

The skills I used to create this eportfolio can be used in many ways in the future such as building a webpage or creating another portfolio in the future. In my eportfolio you will find more information about me, my plans and career goals for the future. 


Phoebe Majors


Cover Letter