Volunteer Experiences

I participate in my church’s youth group and through this I have volunteered in many different ways. Being involved in my youth group takes up much of my time on days that I am not at school and is very important to me. Some of the many ways that we volunteer are that on Mother’s day each year with sell flowers and other plants to people, during the Christmas season we visit the elderly and sing Christmas carols to them, and we help out sometimes at the soup kitchen that our church has every Tuesday.

Along with volunteering with my church’s youth group I also volunteer in my church’s Faith Formation, which is where all the children go after church to learn more about their religion. I basically work as the teacher’s aid. I help hand out papers, books, make sure they are behaving and since most of the children are very young I help them with reading and writing.


I really love children and working with them helps me think of other options of careers that I could possibly pursue. I also like volunteering cause it gives me experience in many different things. I’ve also made many friends from my youth group and through volunteering.


Mandarin Chinese Homework


This is a homework sheet from my Mandarin Chinese class. I chose this because languages can be use any field or career for many different things such as communicating with a foreign business or association and. I really love learning new languages and I hope to more in the future.

Pre-Calculus Homework


This is a homework from my Pre-Calculus class that I got a 100 on. I chose this because math is used constantly in life and can be use in many different careers and part-time jobs such as an accountant or a cash resister worker. In the future i wish to expand my mathematical knowledge to open up more possible careers for me.

US History and Government Homework


This is a homework sheet from my US history and Government Class. I chose this because it is important to know and understand the history of the country you live in. It is also important to understand how your government works so that you can participate in politics and make knowledgeable decisions about you government. In the future I will use the knowledge I have gained from this class to better understand my country’s government.