About Me

Hello, my name is Sara McManus

I am currently a junior at Watkins Glen High School.  It has been 7 seven years since I moved here in 6th grade. Very hesitant but love a good adventure, I’ve fallen in love with the community, beauty and oppertunites given to me from this small town and school. I live with my two parents and sister currently in college. Ever since I was young, my parents told me to dream big because whatever I choose, they knew I’d be something great. Being diligent, self motivated, and independent, I believe the future is anything I make it to be.  


Personal Goal: “A daily hit of athletic- induced endorphins gives you the power to make better decisions, helps you be at peace with yourself, and off sets stress”-Lululemon. When people describe me, they usually use the words “fit” and or “healthy.” As a personal goal, I plan to become immersed in a new lifestyle of better eating, more consistent workouts and clearer mind. 

Academic Goal:  Being a student in most of the advanced classes at school, I strive to be the best I can be. I recently applied for a spot in our New Visions Innovation, Leadership and Business program at Boces. This program means everything because it gives a chance to explore different business settings and provides first hand shadowing experiences. Another academic goal is to graduate high school with a high regents diploma. I have taken and passed all the required regents so far in my high school career. 

Post Secondary Plans: After high school, I plan to further my education at Corning Community College to get all my required classes needed then transfer into a business school. I chose this path because I already have credits from classes that I take here at school. I also chose this path because it is a financially smart decision. I would like to earn my Master in Business Administration. Other paths I have looked into are communications and public relations.

Interests: Before I made the decesion in going into business, I originally wanted to be a doctor because it mean’t helping others. I’m described by my peers as kind, benevolent and caring. I have also loved volunteering because it gives an indescribable feeling of the reward and love from others knowing you’re helping for a good cause. Originally I wanted to be a doctor so I could work at a clinic for women and children. My passion for helping others is still with me even after changing careers. My biggest interest would be to do humanitarian work throughout college. To travel abroad and do mission trips during the summer would be the ultimate life fulfilling moment. 

Hobbies: Some of my hobbies include exercise, dance, listening to music, hangout with friends. During the week, I am swamped with work, homework and the struggle to get enough sleep at night. Exercise is my outlet to get the energy and stress out of my body and have a clearer mind. I started ballet when I was young then stopped. During the 7th grade I rejoined a  class at my local studio and fell in love. Today I am so busy with work, school and health that I only take one class and it is not ballet. Music is the cure for any mood or just that one thing you need to feel complete. I listen to a wide range of music while doing numerous activities like driving, working out or even doing homework. My last and most favorite hobby is to hangout with friends. In school, I have separated myself because of the focus I need to do better but on weekends, the comfort and love given by friends is irreplaceable.