Work:  I currently work as a monitor in our schools fitness center. As my job, I oversee and manage the workout room during after school hours. Some of my responsibilities include opening and closing, cleaning and picking up weights and answering customer questions. I picked this piece of work because it was my first real job that I have had other than my occasional by babysitting. It teaches how to be reliable, independent and responsible. This job will defiantly help in the future if I decide to be a monitor at another fitness center or just working with customers. 

Volunteering: As being a member of the National Honor Society and the Interact club, I have had several opportunities to volunteer in our community now and in the past. Volunteering is known to be the most rewarding feeling one can have and it truly is. It has taught me time management, responsibility and allowed me to become more well rounded. The best take away from it is the knowing you are doing something good that puts a smile on others faces. At one spaghetti dinner, an older gentlemen stopped to talk to me about my future plans. At that time I wanted to be a doctor. Come to find out he was the retired chief of surgery at our local hospital and told be he knew I was bright and hardworking because he was trained to recognize those traits. Volunteering has opened new doors,  strengthened by interpersonal skills and will benefit me in the future. 

Travel: This past Spring Break, I flew out to San Francisco California on vacation. Not only was it beautiful but it felt like I was in another world. The weather, views and people were a new and exciting change. This vacation gave me an eye opening experience of new ways of life. Out west, people are more liberal and care free. Traveling allows me to immerse myself in a new lifestyle. It also teaches me respects and a new understanding of how others live their daily lives. When in a new city and time location, you have to be very flexible and adapt to new surroundings. The time change was three hours behind east coast time. This vacation taught me not only historical facts but how to be very adaptable in new settings. 


Leadership: One experience I had the privilege of attending was the Youth Leadership Institute hosted by Corning Community College. This one week long summer camp was one of the best opportunities I have had in turning into  a better leader and team player. We found our strengths and weakness and learned how to properly use them in group activities. One activity that we did allowed everyone with different strengths to come together. In the end, it was so pleasing to see different groups being successful with people having unique strengths. We were able to come together as one big team and accomplish the tasks that were given.