About Me


My goal is to, after high school, to attend Corning Community College and major in Criminal Justice. After Corning, I plan on taking my state troopers test and become a NYS Trooper. Becoming a state trooper has only become a recent interest of mine as only about two years ago it has become part of my thought process. Before I decided on this career path, I was unsure of what I was to do with my life, after having seen one of my family members go into law enforcement, it has ever since intrigued me.




I have been playing sports for most of my life, and coming along with all the laughs, tears, and great memories that are inevitable, came along great lessons that can be brought off the field and be used in everyday life. A big lesson learned for me, was how to handle defeat. Not everything will go as expected in life and people will have to adapt and learn how to handle failure. You cannot let the sting of defeat or failure linger around, if you let it stay with you, it will effect what goes on around you, from not performing at your highest on the field, or turn an assignment in late when usually it would have been done on time. Sports have also taught me the importance of teamwork and communication. Without a willingness to be part of a team, things will be much harder to accomplish along with a less likely of chance of getting a desired job. Communication is key in anything that takes place throughout your life, if someone lacks communication skills, it will not only be hard to be collaborate with them but also hard for themselves to help others or even be helped.