Ever since I have been playing high school basketball, every time Christmas rolls around, so does the Seneca Santa, which is a night where the community meets and packs toys to be delivered on Christmas Day to the families in need. I have done this for the past four years and it feels better every time I go back. Not only does it feel good to give to the less fortunate but it’s also a great opportunity for team building, which is always an added bonus to any team that is capable of an opportunity as such.



Throughout my life, I have had an ample amount of opportunities to be put into a leadership role and have been wiling to accept every one of them. For the last two years, I have been the team captain of my baseball team, and for this past year I was the team captain for my basketball team. Also, for the last four years I’ve been a head coach for a youth basketball team. Within these leadership roles, they have taught me the qualities that will last a lifetime, qualities such as being a good role model and how to be a good communicator.



The reason to why I have chosen to share the information I have, is that the given information is what has had the biggest impact on my life that has made me the person I am today and I am happy to share them. What making this portfolio has made me realize is that, though you may not realize it at first, everything that you go through and accomplish and even fail, will effect you in the long term or even short, but at some point its lesson will surface somewhere in your life.