Cover Letter

Letter of Introduction:

My name is Makenna Fraboni and I am a senior at Watkins Glen High School. I am eighteen years old and am looking forward to starting the next chapter of my life when I graduate. I’m a hardworking student that has work experience and also volunteer experience, as you will see in this portfolio. After reviewing my portfolio you will see I would be a strong candidate for any job. 

By creating this portfolio I truly got to know myself and see all four years of my hard work in High School come to  light. All my hard work was for a good reason now that I can show people what I can do and who I am. One challenge that I had with creating this portfolio was trying to not sound so conceited. However, I realized that this portfolio is meant to showcase my strengths and my work ethic. Being confident in my achievements does not mean that I am conceited. After completion of this portfolio I learned that I am a very hardworking person and my work ethic is something I hope others will see from my portfolio. 

Creating this portfolio really benefited me by allowing me to fully understand what my strengths are and help me show case and use those strengths. Having these skills will benefit me in my future endeavors because knowing what I am good at can help me work through future problems I may have and by also knowing what I am not so strong at will allow me to work with others that are stronger in certain areas where I am not. Working with a team is something most people do in the work place everyday, and I believe that by truly knowing yourself, you can allow others to know and work with you. By reviewing my portfolio I hope you will see all the strong qualities I have. Lastly, I would like to thank you for taking the time to review my portfolio.