About Me


My name is Natalie Edmister and I am a freshman at Watkins Glen High School. I have lived in Watkins Glen my whole life. My favorite school subject is Social Studies because I love to learn about the past and what happened in our past history of life. I also play three sports for my school soccer, basketball, and softball and I have been a captain for soccer and softball for each two years. My family is made up of 3 people and many animals. I am an only child with my dad and stepmom.

My favorite things in life are animals. I wish to pursue a career in veterinarian technician or a veterinarian. My future plans are to graduate high school, go to college at UNC, USC or Cornell University. After college I wish to move or stay in the Carolina’s and work in or own a veterinarian office. 

I love to travel with my dad to Indiana and back to Watkins Glen. Most recently we traveled to Indiana and then Michigan for fun. We love to travel together and learn about new cultures.


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