For the past couple of years I have been helping out at the Mountour Falls Fire Department. I served food for this place for about 4 or so years now and it teaches me to work with others and to help serve the community.

In the past I went on a field trip with my current career and financial management class where we learned how to interview and what people had to do to start there jobs. This taught me interviewing skills and how to start a small business.

I am currently a player on an AAU travel league. This teaches me how to work as a team and learning new basketball cultures  when we travel to the different schools and colleges that are present to us. When we travel the referees have different rules because they are from different places, so we learn new basketball cultures.

I am currently the captain of the softball team and have been for two years. being the captain has taught me leadership and how to manage a team. This opportunity has been great for me because this has taught me many life lessons for the future.