About Me

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Personal Brand

My personal brand project is made up of puzzle pieces and colors that represent each piece of the puzzle. I have the color yellow for my strengths that I hold, which are being able to stay strong through the tough times, being able to get focused on a task once given to do it, and I have the strength to get myself motivated for projects. I have the color brown for my weaknesses, which are being afraid of speaking in public. I used the light-green color for my passions that I want to keep pursing in the future, which are photography and art. I used the color blue to represent the sports that I play, which I play soccer, bowling and softball for my school. I have the color pink to represent the things that I value in my life, which are my friends and family, and also time. The last color that I used is orange to show at least two words that describe me, which are hard worker and dedicated. Each of these colors show a side to me that most people don’t really know about me personally.



I’ve heard many people talk about their goals, like wanting to be nicer to people, or  wanting to be the greatest that they can be. My goal in life is to become a photographer or photojournalist. I love to take photographs of nature, and I’ve wanted to start trying to take pictures of friends and family, and even of strangers that want pictures taken of them. Also, I want to show a different side to life through a single photograph. As I have been told by my teacher, Mrs. Popovich, pictures tell a thousand words. She’s right, within different photos there’s a emotion that is expressed throughout the picture that captivates people into seeing the true beauty that a picture can hold. I plan on accomplishing my goal by going to college and by also taking the time to learn as an individual on improving my skills with the camera.