SVE Middle School Art

Nicole McCarthy

Artist on Exhibit

Rowan Avery is in 7th grade and created a two-point perspective drawing titled “Her Fate”

What was your inspiration?

“Well, there’s a movie I love called “Castle in the Sky” and I guess I did a “City in the Sky”. I also just really wanted to draw something odd like a city on a city, maybe the girl is seeing what her city is turning into and it’s her job, her fate, to fix it.”

Medium Used:
Pencil and Sharpie

Elements and Principles of design or key concepts:
“I created this using two-point perspective to make the city seem 3D”

Lucy Secondo is in 6th grade and created a magazine collage titled “Idealistic Home”

What was your inspiration?

“I always wanted to live in a city that wasn’t so crowded, but also colorful and full of life with cheerful people.”

Medium Used:
Magazines and glue

Elements and Principles of design or key concepts:
“I used collage and overlapped the pieces to make the collage more realistic”

Switching Classes

We are getting near the end of the 3rd marking period and students in the 8th grade will be switching between Art and Technology! Art students are continuing to work hard on Self Portraits before they switch!!


All marking period grades have been submitted! If you would like to improve your grade, come see Mr. Grove and I at recess or lunch!