About Me

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Hello, welcome to my Eportfolio! I am a sophomore girl at Watkins Glen high School.  After high school I plan to go to college straight out of school. I want to be a mental health counselor or drug and substance abuse counselor. As for sports I enjoy competitive cheer very much and will most likely do that for the rest of high school, I have done just about every other sport in school but didn’t enjoy them enough to continue.


I  really enjoy being outdoors and doing things like camping,  hiking, swimming, boating and most everything that has to do with the outdoors. When I am not busy outside I like to listen to music, draw, write, cook, and watch Netflix. I always like to try new things and learn new things, so basically everything seems to be my hobby because i like most everything.


I love to travel and experience new things. I plan to move to Charlotte, North Carolina right after high school to start my journey. I really love California that is one  of my most favorite place to travel. I hope to go to Paris one day that is my all time dream to visit Paris. 

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