I babysat the whole summer of 2017, and  I will be starting to tutor or a 4th grader a few times a week.  I have volunteered at a few weddings helping set up, clean up, serve food, cook food, and serve drinks. When I turn 16  which will be in May 2018 I am interested in volunteering at the animal shelter in Mountor Falls.  Babysitting requires skills such as respect, much responsibility, trust, and flexibility. I adapt to things very easily and am always respectful to people. All of these skills will help me and be needed when i get into the counseling career. I talk and interact with people very well. 

I love working with people and that is why I want to be a counselor because I would get to help people with their problems. I am one who has a very hard time fully expressing my feelings so I know how to talk to people who also have problems telling other people about their feelings and emotions. I just would feel to accomplished helping people and getting to talk to new people and experience new things. 

I love to travel very much, I love to visit North Carolina and California the most I’ve gone many other places but those two are by far my favorite. The reason why I enjoy those to places is because the drive to Cali is just the most scenic and most interesting drive ever.  There is so much new things to see and learn, and I love to learn and experience new things, so I can know more about the place we live.