Cover Letter


My name is Paige Robbins and I am currently a senior at Watkins Glen High School, the same school I’ve attended since pre-k. Throughout my life, I have always been very outgoing and optimistic. Though my experience at Watkins Glen Central School has not been a breeze, I’ve learned many valuable lessons from my teachers and peers that have shaped me into the strong-willed person I am today. I also believe the experiences I’ve been through have led me to strive for a career path working with children because of my drive to help others and my strong leadership abilities.

Through each portion of this portfolio I have used skills I’ve gathered throughout my life. These skills include critical writing skills such as spelling and punctuation, and also organization and time management skills. Creating this portfolio forced me to stick to a strict schedule in order to complete it and have time to review and make changed if needed. One of my biggest challenges while putting together this portfolio was that I don’t have many pictures as examples of my hard work and experiences. I also had a hard time balancing this project with all of the work I had to do with other classes. I overcame this issue by sticking to a schedule and prioritizing my assignments. 

Creating this portfolio is beneficial to me because I can use it in my future when searching for jobs after college. I can take the information shown on the portfolio and include it in my resume and also speak about some of the strengths listed on my portfolio when interviewing. The skills this portfolio took to put together will also help me when I’m out in the “real world”, such as time management and organization. When working as a nurse, teacher, or whatever career I choose, it will be important to stay organized because if I procrastinate I could face serious consequences and my quality of work would lessen severely. Thank you for taking the time to look through and read my portfolio.