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After reading the article, “Should We Eat Fast Food? The Pros and Cons of Fast Foods” by Lisa Maire, do you believe we should eat fast food? Why? Write a piece that states your belief and then explains why you feel that way. (Your piece should be five paragraphs in length.)


  1. I believe we should eat fast food. If you were on the run and you didn’t have time to stop then you would eat it in the car while you get to you’re destination.

  2. We should be able to eat fast foods.

    Even if fast foods make you a bit obese, that is only if you eat it constantly. If you don’t eat it more than 1-3 times a month, you won’t become obese. So, you just have to control yourself when you’re eating fast food. Just like the sugary drinks!!

    We should be able to make the right choice by ourselves. Just like everything else, the government would be making the choice for us. I don’t like thinking that we’ll become lazy bones’ if we can’t make choices on our own. I don’t want to become the people like the ones in WALL-E!!!!!

    Fast food tastes soooo gooood… Taking it away from us would be like taking away technology! We can’t live without it!! Like I said before, we need to be able to control ourselves and eat the right amount of it!!

    These are my reasons as to why we should be able to eat fast food.

  3. I think we should’ not eat fast food.

    my first is that it is not the healthiest food on the planet, although it is budget friendly it is not good for you. for example some of the burgers and fries are 600 calories. A pro is that it is cheap and quick like if you going to a game and you need some food.

    next is that scientist think that this might be some of the reason there is global warming. It is also bad for the environment, it is taking away cows, and polluting the environment.

    Some of the things they sell has a lot of fat, for example it has trans fat,saturated fat, and lots more. it is not healthy or environmental friendly so we need to get rid of it.

    in conclusion it’s hot , and quick but it not healthy so lets get rid of it.

  4. I believe people all around the world should not be eating fast food.

    My first evidence is that the fast food develops heart disease and high amount of sodium and saturated fat.

    My second text evidence is that fast food has a environmental impact on the world. The world will not be healthy if we keep eating fast food.

    lastly in the text it said fast food can lead to industry a major contributor to global warming. Also if you are on the road you would not want to sit down for two hours so, if it is band they should make the food healthy but still fast moving.

    in conclusion that is why I think fast food should be band.

  5. I think that people should be able to eat fast food. Why? Well your about to find out.

    One if parents need to feed their kids in a hurry, fast food is here to help. Mainly because, well it’s in the name, “Fast food.” The faster, the less time kids need to wait to eat. Also their close by. I know that’s awesome.

    Two if you have no good food to eat, fast food is here. Mainly because no food= a hard life. Also it’s cheep. That’s just fantastic people, fantastic.

    Finally fast food is tasty. Mainly because their a lot, I mean a lot of fast food places. Pudgies, McDonalds, Burger King, and lots more. Also you can get it in like 4 minutes.

    That’s why people should be able to eat fast food. That’s it for today. Bye!

  6. Do you ever eat fast food? Have you heard what is in fast food? I think you’ll be interested in what I have to say.

    Fast food can increase your chance of developing heart disease. In, ” Should We Eat Fast Food?” it says, ” These fried foods also contain trans fats and can increase your chances of developing heart disease.” Which is a bad thing!!

    Fast food can damage the planet. In, ” Should We Eat Fast Food?” it says, ” …could also damage the planet. The production of fast food products is reported to have a serious environmental impact….” and we need to keep our world as best as we can to be able to live.

    Last but definitely not least, Fast food can lead to poor nutrition. In, “Should We Eat Fast Food?” it says, ” Although people love fast food for it’s taste, these meals can lead to overall poor nutrition…” and people need nutrition to live a healthy lifetime because if they are not healthy….. we all know what I was about to say.

    In conclusion, I hope you consider my idea of why fast food is a BAD idea.

    Thank you,
    Macy Karpowich

  7. THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD MAKE YOUR OWN DECION ON WHAT YOU SHOULD EAT.(Don’t follow Martha.). The big idea is Its convenient if one: you don’t have to make your own food and two: if you are some where and don’t want to drive home you have a fast place to eat.

    My first reason is if you are at the movies would you rather go home or eat there? SEE! Most people would rather eat at a pizza place or something like that then go home. I bet you would agree with me.

    Also fast food is cheap. You can get a hot meal for $8 or less. There! Do you agree with me yet!

    Last it is FAST. If you need to be some where you can get there fast. Even if you don’t think its fast it is fast then going home and cooking.

    That is why you should eat fast food.(Don’t go with Max or Martha.).

    • Great points Macy! I like how you quoted the article in every paragraph, which proves that fast-food is bad! I’m with you on this, Macy!

    • Austin just because they think we shouldn’t eat fast food it doesn’t mean you can put that in there it might hurt there feelings. Martha and max has really good points and ideas.

  8. I do not think we should eat fast food

    Although fast food is a quick easy place to get food . it is unhealthy and it can cause health problems . So many people eat fast food. That’s how about half of the people are considered overweight.

    Since so many people eat fast food it can cause obesity . Items at fast food places , For example the big mac at Mc Donlads has more than 350 calories.

    If everyone eats a lot of fast foot most people will be obese or overweight. Most people don’t want to have health problems .

    Those were some of the reasons fast food should be banned.

    • Max, you have several good points, but be sure to proofread your sentences. You need a comma in the first sentence of your second paragraph. Also, your second paragraph has a couple mistakes in sentence structure. Look back. Do you see them? Did you ask a friend to proofread before you submitted? Also, I don’t see specific data from the article. Be sure to quote the text.

  9. Do you know the fast facts on fast-food? It may be good for your mouth, but it’s bad for your body. Fast-food is unhealthy, takes away family time, and is bad for the environment.

    My first reason fast-food is bad is because it’s unhealthy. Which do you think is healthier, a home cooked meal that was made almost from scratch, or some paste that’s been deep-fried (McDonalds)? Yah, I thought you’d pick the former, BECAUSE YOUR RIGHT! Fast-food is just SOMETHING (who knows what) that’s been deep-fried, to make it taste better.

    My second reason is it takes away family time. I understand that people are busy. My sister has to leave every Tuesday, in the middle of dinner. But, some days, is it to hard to cook HEALTHY food for your family? I LOVE helping my dad cook dinner some days! It lets you spend time at the dinner table with your family, and telling them about your day, and just having fun!

    My last reason is it’s bad for the environment. According to the article, it says “Worldwide meat production is estimated to emit more greenhouse gasses than do all forms of transportation or industrial processes combined.” That’s a lot of greenhouse gasses! People are buying electric cars to cut down on the greenhouse gas emission, but you could just stop getting fast-food!

    This is why we shouldn’t get fast-food. Read Austin’s article to hear the other side of the argument.

  10. Fast Food

    Should we really have fast food in our diet? I don’t think so. It’s very unhealthy and if you have too much it will be very bad for your health. Even though fast food is very cheap and affordable, you can spend $20 and have enough money to make at least three healthy salads. You don’t need fast food, you just want it.

    First, fast food is very unhealthy and has way more sodium and fat than our bodies need. A lot of people than own fast food restaurants make food with a lot of sodium and fat in their food because they want money, not healthy, happy people. The article states, “Although many people love fast food for its taste, these meals can lead to overall poor nutrition, as well as the risk of obesity and other health conditions.” This proves that fast food is very unhealthy and full of fat and sodium.

    Next, people can become very obese and lazy because of the lack of healthy things. Also, if you become lazy because of fast food and its saturated fat and sodium, then you won’t get enough exercise because of laziness. If you become lazy and don’t get enough exercise then you have a very high risk of becoming obese. Nobody wants to become obese.

    Lastly, fast food can, and is, damaging our planet. The wrappers are creating landfill and litter all over the planet. Also, the article states, “The production of fast food products is reported to have a serious environmental impact, something out side the awareness of most customers.” So, if you eat fast food you damage our planet. When you eat fast food, it affects everyone on earth in the long run.

    In conclusion, fast food is really unhealthy for you and our planet. So, just make better choices and don’t become one of the people that becomes obese and lazy and damages our planet because of fast food consumption. You can always go to a cheap store and get some salads for $5-$10 and become much healthier. Don’t eat fast food.

  11. Do you think people should be able to have a meal at a fast food restaurant? Well I think you shouldn’t, here are some reasons why.

    My first reason is because fast food restaurants do bad things to the environment and yourself. In the text it states, “The production of fast food products is reported to have a serious environmental impact.”

    My second reason is because the article states, “When busy mom and dads get addicted to fast food restaurants they eat way more often, and they get obese or fat. Also French fries and a burger from a fast food place has trans fat from the grease that can increase developing heart disease.

    My third reason is that fast food restaurants have mainly fried food and sugary drinks. Leading from that meal daily means a poor nutrition. In the text it states, “Although many people love fast food for its taste , these meals can lead to overall poor nutrition, as well as obesity and other health conditions.

    In conclusion, these are my reasons for not having fast food restaurants. Do you want them or not?

  12. Do you eat a lot of fast food? I believe people should not eat fast food.

    My first reason is because fast food can lead to obesity and health issues. For example, the French fries and hamburgers contain high amounts of sodium and saturated fat. The food also contains trans fat the can be a cause of heat disease. The obesity and health issues don’t just effect adults they also effect children too. Also 40% of elementary children are obese.

    My second reason people shouldn’t eat fast food is, fast food damages the planet. People believe that fast food companies contribute to global warming. Fast food companies emit more green house gases than forms of global transportation or industrial processes combined. Fast food has a huge environmental impact.

    My last reason people shouldn’t eat fast food , is because fast food is very expensive. Fast food companies are trying to make there food cost less just to get more customers. For the customers that buy fast food every day will lose a lot of money because of fast food.

    These reasons that I have stated are why I think people should not eat fast food.

  13. Fast food is fine with me. Others may disagree. Why is it good, you may ask?

    Well, first, fast food is very convenient. It is called, “fast food” for a reason. The “fast” means it is prepared quickly. Fast food is great for feeding large families quickly.

    Next, fast food costs very little. The average family of 4 normally eats for less than $20 at a fast food restaurant. Also, a happy meal at McDonalds is about $5. If the family of 4 went to a fancy restaurant, they would have to pay a lot more.

    Last, fast food places have a variety of options. Also, the article is kind of wrong. Most fast food places have healthy options, like chicken burgers, fruit, and yogurt. And, if you don’t want that, there is a Big Mac, and large fries. Just be sure to get a DIET Coke!

    In conclusion, fast food is not as bad as you think. And for the last time, fast food is convenient, costs little, and has a variety of choices. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

    • Erik, this is very well written. You have three strong reasons to support your point and terrific, specific evidence. Your wrap-up closing is excellent. Great job restating your three main points. Superb job!

    • I’m sorry to say but your opinion is off fast food is NOT great. But I could not find any thing else that need’s to be fixed. Just remember if you die that’s you fault not mine.

      • Adyson, please let’s not make comments like your last line. If this continues, you will not be allowed to blog online.

  14. I think we should not eat fast food .This is why. In the story I read It said that if you eat to much fast food you could either get sick or your body could get damaged from stuff that they put in the food. Also some people get out of hand and they get to big and get over weight and it says that 40% of elementary people get obese. I know its not much but that’s what I think

    • Roman, this is a good start, but you need much more. I would like to look through your graphic organizer with you. Your essay only has one point about health and fast food. You need two other reasons with evidence. This needs much more work. I would like you to rewrite this either on here, on the computer, or by hand and have it completed by May 26. I will help you as needed.

  15. We should not eat fast food because it causes many illnesses like diabetes, and obesity.
    40% of elementary kids are obese and that’s a
    problem, and the worst part is more and more people are
    getting obese. another reason we should not eat fast food is it effects are body’s and the planet .
    also the fast food can cause diabetes and people are dying from it .and
    we need some one to change that
    In conclusion that is why we should not eat fast food .

    • Adyson, you have several good pieces of evidence, but they are lacking in organization. Where is your opening paragraph? It seems your first paragraph is health related. Your second paragraph (which should be separated from the first paragraph) mentions the human body/health again and also mentions the planet, but provides no evidence for your statement. The third paragraph mentions health again. That information should be written in the first paragraph and you need an entirely different reason for your third paragraph. Your conclusion is clear, but very short. This really needs to be redone. You either need to edit it here, retype it in a word document, or rewrite it on paper for me. It will be due on May 26.

  16. I believe that we should not eat at fast food restaurants!

    My first reason we should not eat at fast food restaurants is they are so unhealthy, they lead to poor nutrition, obesity, heart sickness! It has high amounts of sodium.

    My next reason is they offer little to none vegetarian choses let alone vegan. The meat is always a surprise too!

    Finally, fast food has part in global warming.

    That is why fast food is a big NO!

    • Nilla, this is nicely organized. Good job. Look at your second paragraph and see if you can find the “comma in a series” error that we recently learned about in class. Also, think about giving more text details/evidence about your statement on global warming. How does fast food have a part in global warming? Remember, each paragraph should be at least three sentences so you definitely need more in that paragraph.

    • Nilla I like your facts a lot especially your first reason. But you need to have more details. But just like I said in the beginning I rely like were your going.

  17. Mmm. That was a good burger. But, did you know the creation of that burger emitted more greenhouse gases than cars and factories combined? Not many people know the not-so-fast facts behind fast food. Even though your mouth might be watering at the sound of a juicy burger, I believe that fast food isn’t the healthiest choice for you or the planet.

    First of all, fast food has an unhealthy nutritional value. According to an article, “Should We Eat Fast Food”, the low nutritional values of fast food can contribute to health problems such as heart disease and obesity. Fast food staples- burgers and French fries- contain high amounts of sodium, saturated fat, and trans fat. That’s not good.

    Also, fast food can take away family time. Fast food can help feed hungry families in a hurry. Compared to a dinner at home where families can be together and create memories, fast food doesn’t do that. It’s only a solution to hunger.

    Most importantly, fast food makes an environmental impact …a bad one! The production of fast food is an environmental hazard. This because of meat production is estimated to produce more greenhouse gases than global transportation and industrial production combined. Burgers aren’t delicious if they damage the planet!

    I believe that fast food isn’t the healthiest choice of a food source for our bodies or the planet. Even though you can find fast food almost anywhere you go, it’s not a healthy food source in many ways. Maybe eating fast food isn’t the best choice for dinner tonight.

    • Sophia, this is stellar! I love your opening and how you drew me in! You have excellent and mature vocabulary. Your essay is organized and full of excellent, specific text details. I love all your transition words. May I keep this to use a model in the future?! Beautiful job! Well done!

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