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After reading the article, “Homework: Good or Bad?”, write a persuasive letter to me, Mrs. Rial, explaining how you feel about the topic of homework, at least three reasons for your beliefs, and text details that support your opinion. Remember a great lead and good closing, as well. I will be taking your thoughts on homework seriously and really considering how you, my students, feel about it. Remember to look back over your essay before you post, checking for capital letters, spelling errors, correct punctuation, etc. Then, ask a classmate to check your work, as well. Finally, click the Publish/Submit button. Try to respond to at least three others’ letters, as well.

After reading the article, “Should We Eat Fast Food? The Pros and Cons of Fast Foods” by Lisa Maire, do you believe we should eat fast food? Why? Write a piece that states your belief and then explains why you feel that way. (Your piece should be five paragraphs in length.)

What is a book you have read this year that you would recommend to your classmates read? Why?

We are now in the 4th marking period of 5th grade! Can you believe it? What is one goal you have as you finish out the school year?

What is something nice you can do to show kindness in the month of December?

The Best School Year Ever

What was Imogene’s science project?  What do you think she’s going to do with it now that she doesn’t need it?