I’ve babysat for local neighbors and friends and also family.
I volunteered for an animal shelter with my mom and my brother for a day
and helped walked dogs and feed and take care of them
I participated in art club, ski club, and yearbook club. I am currently in art club and
raise money by holding bake sales. Ski club I participated in eighth grade, ninth grade and tenth grade
along with this year. We go to Greek Peak after school and go skiing. Yearbook club I participated in eighth grade
and this year. We help and put together the yearbook.
I’ve travelled to New York City, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Florida, Texas. I plan to travel
more in the future.

My reflection on my experiences with work, volunteer work, clubs, and travel show that I have
experience with the following and have participated with work, helping volunteering, clubs and have
travelled. I selected these experiences because it can help me in the future with further opportunities.
What I learned from these experiences is that there is a wide variety of things to participate in.