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My name is Seamus Mooney and i am currently in 9th grade attending Watkins Glen High School. I work my hardest everyday to be the best student, and athlete i can possibly be. I have many goals and aspirations, and i hope to    achieve as many as possible, by the time I graduate.  I am striving to be a college student, and ear a bachelors and masters degree. I am currently enrolled in multiple college courses in high school, so i understand the work required for the next level. As a captain on two sports teams, and a leader in the classroom, the effort i use in the classroom, and on the sports field can be applied to the job i am applying for. During the hours i attend school , i focus heavily on the classes i take, even when i come home, homework is always my first priority, i understand that while it may not be as fun as playing video games, or just hanging out with my friends, i also understand that completing my work thoroughly, is a vital key to my success, and my future. Not only this , but in a day like today, an education is extremely important when regarding something as simple as every day life. People use the knowledge they obtain everyday, and in my opinion this can be just as important as any degree.