Classroom Accomplishments

Academically I’ve always strived for excellence. I’ve achieved High Honor Roll multiple times due to my work ethic. I try to put academics and learning above all things. I believe this could help me in any career field because of my tenacity and determination to solve any problems I may face and to constantly improve my work. My Regent scores for History and English are high and this is because of my vigilant studying and attention to the information given to me.



In April of 2014, I traveled to Europe and visited Italy and Greece. This helped me to realize how much there is to life and all of the beautiful things that I could do in my lifetime. It’s something that I enjoyed and hope to do again as much as possible. I believe travel opens you up to new possibilities and immersing yourself into new cultures helps you to see how other people view the world. Traveling is also a learning experience in many areas such as politics, geography, history, and even sociology.


Quality Work

Linked above is one of my Creative Writing assignments. The goal was to write a developed story in 450 words or less. I think this is among my best works. Writing is a basic skill that I believe everyone should be well-versed in and I try to improve as much as I can with frequent practice. Through this assignment, I learned more about my capability to create something even with restraint as well as my creative abilities. 



While in treatment in Denver, I took the role of creating the morning newspaper for breakfast. This helped with distraction during mealtimes and gave them something fun to read/do while in a stressful situation. This leadership role taught me more about my empathy and desire to help people as much as I possibly can. I did this every day. I believe that this role could help me in the future because to work in criminal justice, you have to have empathy for others and a desire to make things just.