Hello my name is Seth Swinnerton and I am a senior at Watkins Glen High School. I love to learn and to travel, and to push myself every single day. I have gone to Watkins Glen High School since 6th grade and I’ve loved every moment of it. The community of us here at Watkins Glen is a family and we all have each others back. 

Writing all these different pieces of this portfolio really allowed me to reflect on myself and to almost boast about myself in ways. It really allowed me to reflect and put my life out in words and pictures to present to everyone.  It was kinda a struggle to really express myself in words because I was never good at expressing myself through words but it allowed me to challenge myself and overcome it.  I really learned to reflect upon myself to learn more and to overcome challenges in my future. 

This portfolio will really benefit me to be able to express myself to others in an organized and easy manner. It allows other to get to know me without every even having to meet me. Also, it useful to be able to use in other projects and just easy to reflect upon myself and see where I am in the future. 


Cover Letter