The most important aspect of traveling to me is to live in the moment and to experience the different culture.  The reason why experiencing different culture is important to me is because you can learn from others,  it allowed me to expand upon my knowledge of the world and what surrounds us. Sometimes as teenagers we get caught up in social media and do the same thing every day but when I get to travel I began to put down the phone and start to live in the moment. It allowed me to be grateful for everyday and everything that may follow. 

Summer Jobs

I worked two jobs during the recent summer that I learned so much from. One of my jobs was working for my uncle at a landscaping company that taught me carpentry skills and a good eye for landscaping. It also taught me how to use machinery and the most important aspect that it taught me was it’s gonna be hot so you’re gonna sweat.  My second job was working at a local pizzeria in which i was a cashier and delivery boy.  What I learned from that was how to be patient with people and how to work on the spot and fix any mistakes that might’ve happened. It also expanded my responsibility by having to count money and to help others with tips.  It also gave me knowledge in the area because of how often I had to deliver pizza. 


Over the years I have developed a small sense of leadership through group projects and school activities. I learned the most about leadership through lacrosse and how to keep everyone spirits high despite having constant losing seasons. It allowed me to be a role model for the younger kids who are coming up through the sports. Recently, the most important of leadership experiences was gained through working out to try to join the navy special forces branch or SWCC. I train countless hours with 20 different man and leadership is the most important aspect.  All of us have different personalities and leadership is important to combine all those personalities in order to succeed and to constantly motivate the people around me.  Without these different aspects of leadership I would not be where I am today. 


The most important aspect of my life right now and my future is my training that I do for the Navy in Syracuse, NY. In order to join the special forces of the Navy it’s required that you pass and excel at a physical screening test or PST.  Then your score is entered into a draft in which the best times are selected to gain a special warfare contract. Over the past 2 months I train every Monday for 4 hours to become more psychically strong.  It allows me to build upon my self and to become stronger each and every day. I love the satisfaction of a good workout and tiring day, you can feel yourself become stronger. This shapes my future and what my future has to come.