Cover Letter


I am a seventeen year old senior at Watkins Glen High School. I work hard to make the honor roll, and I also play varsity lacrosse and varsity basketball.  Taking the iLead class has helped me learn more about networking as well as what life in the real world may be like. We have had a number of guest speakers that offered their experiences in order to help me and my classmates learn and get ready for the working world after high school and college. We have also taken multiple personality tests,  such as the Meyers-Briggs test. I found out I am an extrovert and prefer to work with others. Throughout the process of creating this ePortfolio, I realized there are some things I can improve upon. One thing in this area is procrastination, something I need to focus on solving in order to better myself in both school and life. Though I always complete the things I am responsible for doing, pushing them aside instead of doing them right away results in unnecessary stress. By working to improve upon my procrastination habits, I hope to eliminate some stress in my life. Thank you for taking time to look at my ePortfolio.