Quality Work 

This past summer, I completed an Eagle Scout Service Project. I have been involved in Boy Scouts of America since I was 12 years old,  and as a Varsity Scout, I had the opportunity to demonstrate my leadership skills through the creation of a project that would benefit my community.  I have lived in Hector for the majority of my life, driving past the local fire department nearly every day. It was for this reason that I decided to give back to my community by raising money to put in a new flagpole at the Valois-Logan-Hector Fire Hall. I began by researching the costs for not only a flagpole and a flag, but also for the other materials needed, including the wood that would be used to create a base as well as the cement I would need to hold the pole in place. From there I began collecting donations. For many weeks, I spent my time parading from door to door asking for donations to support my project. There were times it felt like this would never end, that I could never earn enough money to purchase the flagpole and other materials. I did not give up though. Instead, I persevered and eventually I had raised over three thousand dollars in local donations, enough to afford everything I needed for the project. With the funding in place, I was able to set my project in action. The day the flagpole arrived at the Hall, my dad and I had to dig a deep hole in the ground for the flag, placing wooden planks around the outside to keep the dirt from caving in.  Then, with the help of a few fire fighters and a fire truck, we set the pole in the ground and centered it. Keeping it supported with the fire truck’s ladder, cement was dumped into the hole to finally put the pole in its place. When it dried, I was given the honor of attaching the flag and raising it to the top of the pole. Immediately after, I felt a sense of pride in the work  I had done. Now every time I drive by the Fire Hall I can not help but smile, knowing that it was through my hard work and perseverance that the town I grew up in was able to have a flag pole that represented its true glory. 


Throughout my life, I have been more fortunate than many in that I have been able to travel frequently.  Most of my family lives outside of New York in places like California, Maryland, and Delaware. Therefore, on holidays I am able to visit them and explore the town they live in. With this, I have been able to go on adventures I may not have had the opportunity to otherwise. From hikes, to weekends at the beach, to days spent at six flags, I have just begun to explore the world. Towards the end of April I may go to California again and next January my family and I are planning to travel to the Caribbean. I realize that I am lucky in this regard, that I have the ability to not only experience the world, but to do so while I am young. This will also help my future. One day I would like to work in either marketing or management. These opportunities I currently have to travel allow me to see the variety of businesses there are, what they are like, and how they benefit the public. There are differences in the businesses present in California, Maryland, and Delaware too. This gives me exposure to the possible businesses I could associate myself with in the future. 


I chose to tell you about my community work because this project displays perseverance and leadership skills that will be needed to survive in the workplace. I also chose to talk about my traveling and the experiences that come along with it. I have seen many different communities and plan to experience many more before I decide to settle down in a certain place or come back home. I can’t wait to see what happens in the future but right now I am just focusing on the next step, which is college.