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In our iLead class we made a presentation that represented ourselves and our values. We show our strengths and expose our weaknesses.

Understanding Your Brand

My Goals

I plan to graduate from Watkins Glen High School and continue  my education at either Salisbury University or Newbury. While there, I will study business in the fields of marketing or management. I also plan to join a fraternity or any group that will help to better the community surrounding my school. Though I would love to further my athletic career in college as well by playing lacrosse, I am really just looking forward to the new opportunities and experiences college will offer me. Going to a college outside of New York also allows me to learn more about myself and the person I am. After graduating from college I will then use the business degree I receive to work for a company somewhere outside of Watkins Glen, allowing me to experience bigger cities prior to returning to my home town later in life. Before settling into a career though, I plan to travel as frequently as I can to explore different companies and working environments that are available to me. After this chapter of my life, I would like to find someone to start a family with. I have never had any pets either, so when I am able to take care of it, I would love to adopt a German Shepard. Though many of these things are in the distant future, I am still working to achieve them all one step at a time.