Horseheads High School

Horseheads High School

National Honor Society

Character - Service - Leadership - Scholarship

Membership Application

At the beginning of each school year, junior and senior level students with a GPA of 90% or higher are invited to apply for membership in the NHS. The application allows each applicant the opportunity to show evidence of Character, Service, Leadership and Scholarship. (The four ideals of the NHS.)

Submission of application does not guarantee membership.  The four ideals are considered as the basis for membership selection. No student is selected for membership simply because of a high academic average.

Once applications are submitted by the application deadline, they are evaluated by the Faculty Council, which is made up of five members from the teaching faculty. Applicants are judged based on the following criteria:

  • Application is fully completed including all required signatures

  • Application is neat and easy to read

  • Applicant shows evidence of Character, Service, Leadership, and Scholarship

  • Application is submitted on time

  • Quality of applicant’s personal essay

  • Applicant’s teacher recommendations

How to Apply

Step 1

Receive Your Invitation to Apply for Membership

NHS advisors will send out invitations to apply to juniors and seniors that have at least a 90% overall GPA. Only invited students are eligible to apply for membership.

Do not apply until after you receive an invitation

Step 2

Read the Bylaws

Read and understand the Chapter By-Laws so you know what you are getting yourself into. The NHS is a service organization and membership will require you to complete service activities and attend mandatory meetings.

Step 3

Complete an Application

Download and complete the membership application. The application is a fillable pdf form. It is highly recommended that you complete the form on a computer using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Step 4

Submit Your Completed Application

Submit 2 copies of your completed form to the NHS advisor by the due date listed in your invitation letter. Print your application double sided. Staple the application parts in order. Please DO NOT submit your application in a portfolio folder or any other type of envelope.

Step 5

Get 2 Teacher Recommendations

Download the Teacher Recommendation Form. Have 2 of your high school teachers complete and return the form to the NHS advisor by the due date listed in your invitation letter. Your Teachers must return the completed forms directly to the NHS advisor.

Step 6

Wait for Membership Decision

The NHS Faculty Council will notify the NHS advisors of their membership decisions by mid October. Decision letters will be delivered to applicants shortly thereafter.


Mrs. Darby Thompson