5th Grade

Amplify Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) (**Can you save this as a pdf, instead of a link?) Unit Titles Unit 3: Poetry Unit 4: Contemporary Fiction

6th Grade

Literacy Class Engage, NY Curriculum: Cultural Immersions (Unit 1): Students will learn how children from around the world live their daily lives and how these children overcome struggles. We will be teaching students how to effectively become close readers and how to use the A.P.E. (Answer, Prove, Explain) strategy for writing.  Students will also …

7th Grade

8th Grade

Unit and Inquiry Question A Nation Divided Reconstruction- Were Slaves Really Free? A Changing Society- Is Greed Good? Expansion and Imperialism- World War I and the Roaring Twenties Great Depression- Was the New Deal a Good Deal? World War II- Should Freedom Be Sacrificed in the Name of National Security? Foreign Policy  

Book Lists

Sixth Grade Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief Bud, Not Buddy World Without Fish A Long Walk to Water 7th grade A Long Walk to Water Lyddie Frederick Douglass 8th Grade Soldier’s Heart, Killer Angels,